Hemnor is an interior designing brand that designs world-class products for all types of homes/ establishments.

Hemnor frames, which is a product by Hemnor, aims at beautifying outlets and switches, which are preferably hidden under curtains or furniture. Our purpose is to make your switches/outlets blend seamlessly with your interiors; hence we have designed ten different frames that come in five different sizes, ensuring that you pick the best match for your interiors. Each frame has a unique personality that is meant to reflect your persona.

Above you can see Emil looking at his recent invention. He believes that everyone deserves to have a complete home tailored to their needs and desires. Following a detailed development process and several redesigns, he now feels confident in his design solution and hopes his vision can help you add finishing touch to your home. Hemnor frames are affordable, modern/ classical, versatile, and made to last for decades.